We can't stop watching these throwback fitness videos... SO MUCH SPANDEX 3 years ago

We can't stop watching these throwback fitness videos... SO MUCH SPANDEX

We've fallen into a deep chasm filled with dodgy headbands and slouch socks.

Ireland is firmly on the health and fitness bandwagon these days and we also LOVE a good throwback, so what better way to combine our two favourite things than to sit around all day and google old workout videos from the Eighties and Nineties.

Honestly, it's what YouTube was invented for.

Well, we've done a good bit of legwork for you, here's the catch you absolutely MUST be wearing spandex while watching these videos, we were wearing spandex while writing this so it's only fair.

First up it's Mark Wahlberg... the man has always been into fitness and is still in crazy shape today while casually raking in millions at box offices across the world. Well, you may not know that back in the 90's, he was making workout videos in all his Marky Mark glory. Warning: some of these videos are horrifically offensive.


Shudder. Okay, we're presuming Mark is simply buying into his bizarre 'rap' persona here and that he would NEVER objectify women in that manner nowadays. Moving swiftly along, did you know Cher had a rake of workout videos in the early 90's? We are slightly obsessed with the fashion that's going on here, it's all very Cher.


Up next is one of the original 'Supermodels', everyone wanted (wants) to look like Cindy Crawford and the businesswoman cashed in on this during the fitness craze of the early Nineties. We're full sure genetics has a big part to play here, but we'll still give it a shot.



'Teen Steam' (yeah the name is weird) was Alyssa Milano's first foray into the fitness world, we think she was just 15 at the time of this somewhat awkward workout video.



And finally we couldn't possibly do a roundup of fitness videos without including the Queen herself, Jane Fonda delighted us with her first workout in 1982, the two-time Academy Award winner got us all hooked back in the day, and she's still at it today. ALL HAIL JANE FONDA.