Casey Batchelor hits back at 'horrendous fat-shaming' during pregnancy 3 years ago

Casey Batchelor hits back at 'horrendous fat-shaming' during pregnancy

The reality star is currently expecting her first child.

Casey Batchelor says she’s had to grow a thick skin to deal with all the negative comments she’s received during her pregnancy.


With just under nine weeks until she’s expected to give birth to her first child, Casey shared an update with followers and spoke about the fat-shaming she’s experienced online during her first pregnancy, saying:

“I have had some horrendous comments online that I’m fat!

“Honestly, some of them really make me laugh, apparently I should be harpooned.”

The former CBB contestant went on to talk about how she deals with online trolling and what she'd like people who leave those comments to know.

“I have grown a very thick skin to these bullies and trolls and to be honest, they amuse me.

“I think people need to remember you have no control over your body when you are pregnant, not only are you carrying a tiny human as well as the placenta, your body naturally carries lots of water retention to protect the baby and of course, swelling.


“And yeah, I’m not going to lie, I have eaten more indulgence than what I would normally have done, but I’m not on a diet and trying to enjoy the perks of being pregnant as I’ve had a rough pregnancy, so I could not care less.”

Casey shared that she’s put on over three stone during her pregnancy and while she might be sick of being asked if she’s carrying twins, she has the best response ever.

“There’s only one baby in there but it’s doubly awesome!”