Childless couple branded 'selfish' over letter about neighbour's 'wailing' baby 1 year ago

Childless couple branded 'selfish' over letter about neighbour's 'wailing' baby

A childless couple have been branded "selfish" and "self-entitled" for complaining about their neighbour's crying baby.

According to The Sunthe anonymous open letter was recently shared in The Guardian - and it was called "the letter you always wanted to write."


The man explained in the letter that he and his wife are childless "through choice", and claims they have never judged anyone's decision to become parents.

However, they had their patience "tested" when they moved in next door to a couple who were expecting their first child.

"Now my wife and I have some experience of what it would be like to be a new parents," he fumed.

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"We know how it feels to be woken several times a night by what, at that hour, has the effect on the nerves of a fire alarm.

"Her protracted wailing cost us dozens of hours of sleep at a time when our careers were stressful and demanding."

He added that the baby's cries "placed an unwelcome strain on our own relationship" and "soured our enjoyment of our new home."


He went on to complain that since the little girl was born, the parents have never "apologised" for her cries and that they didn't try to "mitigate" the situation by moving her to another room.

"As callous as this may sound," he added, "The world doesn't stop just because you've had a child. The people around you have their own lives to cope with, their own problems that they don't inflict on others. To expect them to share your discomfort is deeply selfish."


He ended the letter by revealing that the couple next door are now expecting their second child - and how he hopes that this one will be quieter.

Social media users were left absolutely appalled by the letter, branding the couple "self-entitled" and "selfish".


"What a sanctimonious twit," one person wrote. "The parents probably (very likely) have absolutely no idea the effect the baby's cries have on him."

"This is incredibly selfish," another added. "You can't stop a baby crying sometimes, deal with it. I don't even have one and that's my view. So entitled, honestly."

However, some Facebook users agreed with the man and praised him and his wife for their patience.