The CIA has an Instagram account and yes, it's just as covert as you'd imagine 3 years ago

The CIA has an Instagram account and yes, it's just as covert as you'd imagine

The nation's first line of defence - but make it fashion.

Everybody has an Instagram account these days.


An Garda Síochána have an Instagram account. Your dad has an Instagram account. That lad you shifted on holidays has an Instagram account (that he doesn't know you frequent often, with urgency).

The CIA - or as they are otherwise known, the Central Intelligence Agency - also, as of quite recently - has an Instagram account.

For what purpose? For what gain? For what reason do we the people need this specific form of account in our lives?

Lots to unpack, lots to consider - but let us first begin with the account's standard information as it is presented to us online.


The handle is, of course, 'CIA.' Telling.

The bio is, naturally: "We are the Nation's first line of defense. We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go."

... To the grid, seemingly.

The CIA's first Instagram post, shared a notable 31 weeks ago, features an array of objects that may or may not be related to the very important and equally as top secret work that the CIA do.


The location is also set as Langley, Virginia, as a nod to the CIA's headquarters... in Langley Virginia.

Objects of note include a clock, a grey wig, and a bag with 'Top Secret' written on it.

The rest of the account pretty much follows a similar vein of content, a varied mix of posts including on-site images, relevant updates, and an eclectic assortment of foods including a half eaten donut and a single onion.

No, really.


There's a lot of food, like.

Like, a lot.

PSL, you say?

Wow, the CIA truly are just like us. 

The above image, a rare non-food related post, features the agency's K-9 spy dog, Calliope who - for some reason - has been repurposed as a lion for Halloween.


The gag here is that the dog is undercover as a lion and therefore, will not be recognised as the spy dog that he so blatantly is.

We, the humble IG user however, know better.

Fool us once, CIA.