This commentator's Michael Phelps mistake is toe-curlingly embarrassing 5 years ago

This commentator's Michael Phelps mistake is toe-curlingly embarrassing

Mitsakes  Mistakes are part of life. Although we're all prone to them every now and then, for most of us, they aren't beamed around the world to a television audience of millions.

As Michael Phelps closed in on his 22nd Olympic Gold medal, one Canadian commentary team managed to confuse the swimmer with his countryman, Ryan Lochte, making for some truly cringeworthy commentary.


Coverage from Canada's CBC channel describes how Lochte was seemingly storming to victory in the final of the 200m individual medley, even describing how Phelps wasn't going to finish on the podium.

"Saving the best til last," one of the commentators excitedly roars. "Finally he's going to do it - Ryan Lochte is going to beat Michael Phelps."

Difficult to listen to that, isn't it?

As Phelps' victory is confirmed on the screen, the penny drops and all the poor bloke can do is apologise for his error.


"I apologise," he says.  "I got my lanes mixed up... Phelps for the gold."

His co-commentator also jumps in, admitting that he too had confused Phelps for Lochte.

"Phelps all the way to the end there. We mixed the lanes up, I did as well."

Don't worry fellas. It's not like anyone was watching.


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