The most common day for starting an affair has been found 4 years ago

The most common day for starting an affair has been found

Yes, really!

While we're used to seeing affairs in the likes of Coronation Street and Made in Chelsea it sadly does happen in everyday, real life.


This is evident in the number of online dating apps specifically catering to people who are already in relationships.

Ashley Madison, for example, is a Canadian based app for people who are seeking an affair. The site was hacked in 2015 and users data was released online.

This hasn't stopped people using affair apps however, as Gleeden still remains a popular app for people who want to cheat.

Gleeden analysed their users data to find the most popular month and more specifically the day that people join the site to begin an affair.

A lot of people must resort to cheating to beat the January blues as this is the most common month for people to join the site.

Gleeden revealed that their site is always the busiest on the second Monday after Christmas.

This means that January 9th of this year will be the biggest day of the year for new users on the app.


Last year on the 11th of January, the site saw an increase in registrations of more than 320%, the Daily Mail reports.

The research found that the most common reason that people joined in January was because they wanted to 'regain their freedom' after the holidays.

Gleeden currently has over 3 million users.