Confusion as woman runs away from marriage proposal 2 months ago

Confusion as woman runs away from marriage proposal

A lot of people aren't impressed.

We love a good marriage proposal video, especially when something doesn't really go to plan.


Public proposals can go two ways, they're either adorable and everyones happy, or they go a little something like this couple at a baseball game in Massachusetts last week.

During a minor league game at Polar Park, one couple were projected to the crowd as the man got down on one knee to pop the big question.

But there was clearly some miscommunication in their relationship and the pair hadn't spoken about that next step, because the woman immediately fled the scene, running off as fast as she could.


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And she wasn't the only one shocked at what had happened, spectators in the stadium couldn't believe what they were seeing either.

The video has gone viral on social media, and everyone has the same question, why did she run off?


While a lot of people were just confused and wanted answers, a lot were convinced the couple had staged the whole thing.

One person wrote: "Here’s the link to the WooSox proposal gone wrong. Staged & Fake."


Another said: "I feel you but I want to believeeeee also looked better from the press box I will admit."


A third said: "How long before we find out one or both is an "influencer" and they did this for the clicks."

Another added: "I was at the game about 15 rows from them. Definitely faked."

Regardless, it was risky to propose in public like this, especially in front of a crowd this big. Or with a girl you're not too sure is on the same level as you.