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Cork pub offering free Christmas dinner for anybody living alone
A lovely gesture.

Christmas is a magical time of year.

But for many, it can also be the hardest time of the year.

For those who have lost somebody close to them or those suffering from a mental or physical illness, Christmas can be one of the toughest holidays to get through.

Similarly, living alone can also make the festive season less than ideal.

Thankfully, one Cork pub are trying to make Christmas time that bit more bearable for those living alone.

Casey's pub in Clonakilty are offering a Christmas dinner to anybody who is going to spending the holiday by themselves.

They took to their Facebook page to say that they wanted to make things a little bit easier for those in need.

The bar has said that Christmas dinners can be collected between 12.30pm and 8.30pm on Christmas Eve.


The post has already been shared over 160 times with people applauding Casey's initiative.

People have even started offering their help with the cooking for the day.

One user named Stephen Murphy wrote that he used to be a chef and that he'd be more than willing to lend a hand.

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