Life | 3 years ago
"Did You Get Me A Cat?!" Talking Dog Video Takes The Internet By Storm
After watching this clip we not only want to adopt a dog, we want to adopt a TALKING dog.

Here at towers, we’re fans of animal videos. The cuter and funnier they are, the better! This YouTube clip completely melted our hearts because not only does it tick the aforementioned boxes, it’s also for a really, really, really good cause.

Created by Andrew Grantham, the man behind the infamous “Ultimate Dog Tease” viral video, this video features a rescue dog who wants a new friend – a pet kitten.

Andrew was inspired to create the video for the Pets Add Life campaign, a campaign that aims to increase pet adoption and the responsible ownership of animals.


We couldn’t help but laugh at how excited the dog gets when he finds out he’s after getting a pet cat. We also sort of wish dogs could talk in real life. Could you imagine how amazing that would be?