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Dutch Woman Knits Life Size Replica Of Her Son Because He Won't Hug Her Anymore
Her son needed his personal she knitted a new one.

With the onset of puberty comes many mothers lamenting sons growing distant, staying in their rooms all the time, and refusing to speak in full sentences.

Many just hope that their son will re-emerge at around age 20 and become their BFF again, but one Amsterdam woman did something else entirely.

Knitwear designer Marieke Voorsluijs wrote on BoredPanda about how she knitted a life size replica of her son because he needed more personal space and she was '..smothering him with maternal love. I am a textiles designer and he often helps me and has great creative ideas. So we started to fantasize how we could visualize this puberty gap. So I suggested to make a cuddly version of him!'

To be fair, her son actually collaborated with her on the very impressive project. The family put the knitted teen replica in a series of typical situations.

Spot the difference. 
'Punk's not dead.'

Sure it's only bleedin' deadly #Girls With Goals! 

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