Eleven Things Irish Parents Always Say When They Are Mad At You 9 years ago

Eleven Things Irish Parents Always Say When They Are Mad At You

Irish parents have a particular way of giving out to their children. Let's face it, we have all heard at least five of the below, if not all, on separate occasions, depending on their anger level. Here are eleven things your parents have said when they were mad at you...

1. You did WHAT?


This can apply to any number of things, beginning with when you put a football through the neighbours window right through to getting caught smoking in the toilets at school. Unfortunately, it was generally one you had to confess to as well.

2. I can't believe you!

It's important to point out that this is not I don't believe you, like a shock factor of some sort. No, rather this is "I can't believe you are my child and that you have done this."

3. We'll deal with this later


That later is generally the next day, and that will ensure you have a sleepless night wondering if you will never see the outside world again after your parents ground you.

4. Don't come running to me with a broken leg

There are many variations of this one in Ireland but this is usually in relation to those times when you and your siblings and/or friends are all kicking the living daylights out of each other. You know the one, it's all fun until somebody loses an eye.


5. Wait until I tell your father/mother

Depending on what parent you find more intimidating, the other parent will tell them what you got up to. This is also usually the person who will implement the judgement and sentencing.

6. Wait until I get you home

You know your limitations, you have been testing your parents for years so you know that when you are at someone else's house, you can afford to push the button just a little. However, the punishment when you do get home will be more severe.


7. You're making a show of me

This is usually reserved for public occasions and delivered with gritted teeth. You have just had a massive tantrum in the middle of a party and to be really honest, you really are making a show of your mother.

8. Now. Now. Didn't I tell you?

So it happened. You fell over and grazed the life out of your knees and you are uncontrollably crying in the front garden. Your mother's answer? "Now", delivered with an air of smugness.


9. Santa

Oh, Santa. The last refuge. The end of the year threat. From September onwards your parents will dangle Santa in front of you like keys in front of a cat. "I'm writing a letter to Santa." "MAM, NO! I SWEAR I'LL BE GOOD."

10. I expected more of you

This usually begins to make an appearance when you're about to become an adult and your parents are convinced you can make some mature decisions by yourself. But you can't, and they are right. You should have been smarter. Live and learn!

11. I'm not angry...

I'm disappointed. This is by far the worst thing your parents can ever say to you. Even though you will attempt to fight back, this cuts. Real deep.