Irish R&B artist Erica Cody on lockdown, cocktails and the music she's loving at the moment 2 weeks ago

Irish R&B artist Erica Cody on lockdown, cocktails and the music she's loving at the moment

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Erica Cody is taking the Irish R&B scene by storm at the moment.


Following on from her Leoness EP in 2019 and taking part in the "Irish Women in Harmony" collective during the pandemic, the Dublin hip-hop star is making waves at the moment.

Despite that busy schedule, Erica recently found time to sit down with Alan Fisher and discuss all things lockdown and music, including the tracks and artists she's loving at the moment.

You can watch the full interview below.

In the clip, Erica also discusses the ultimate hip hop playlist she created recently. Describing it as "a bit of me in a playlist", Erica says this a mix of the songs and artists she's listening to daily at the moment.

Featuring a mix of brand new releases and some older favourites, the Irish R&B star says this playlist is made up of all the songs and artists she's loving at the moment, a quality playlist of essential listening.

Featuring the likes of Victoria Monét, Kanye and even one of Erica's own hits, there's sure to be something there that suits your taste.

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify here.


In the video, you may also notice Erica sipping on a delicious-tasting cocktail.

That brand new tasty beverage is called the Pandemic Punch, created by Irish bartender Ali Hayes. Ali recently placed in the Top 5 in the GLOBAL Hennessy My Way cocktail competition for this creation, so it comes very highly recommended.

As well as being an Irish creation, Hennessy Cognac was also founded by an Irishman back in the late 1700s, and today the round and robust flavours of Hennessy V.S make it very versatile and ideal for various cocktails, from classic recipes and sophisticated cocktail creations to simple mixed drinks.

With that in mind, here are the ingredients you'll need to make a single serve of this award-winning Irish cocktail, the ideal accompaniment to the perfect playlist:

  • 60ml of Black Tea infused with Nutmeg, Clove, Cinnamon & Orange Peels
  • 45ml of Hennessy VS
  • 30ml of Pear & Ginger Syrup
  • 15ml of Lime Juice
  • 2 dashes of Peychaud Bitters

Please drink responsibly.


Brought to you by Hennessy