Fan Of Paleo? This Starbucks News Might Be Just Your Cup Of Tea (Or Coffee) 6 years ago

Fan Of Paleo? This Starbucks News Might Be Just Your Cup Of Tea (Or Coffee)

For those trying to lose the lactose but are bored by soy milk, the latest news from Starbucks in the US is about to make you a very happy camper.

If, like us, you need a seriously strong dose of caffeine to make it through your morning but don’t want it to ruin your healthy eating attempts then the option of coconut milk might be just what you need.


Starbucks US will now be offering the health-conscious alternative of coconut milk after asking latte lovers to offer their suggestions through their online forum


With nearly 85,000 customers requesting they ditch the dairy, bosses decided to offer the vegan option from February 17th.

Starbucks Single Origin Sumatra Coconut Milk will be sourced from single-origin coconuts from the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Vice President Christine Barone said:

"Delivering the options our customers want is always the highlight of my day.

"We have a high bar for anything we pair with our high quality espresso and this coconut milk is smooth and perfectly complements the coffee. I personally love it in an iced vanilla latte. We are excited to hear back what further customer and partner customization coconut milk inspires."


The idea has been championed by fans of paleo and clean eating – who regularly adapt their dairy needs to coconut and soy produce as part of their diet choices.

It is hoped the rollout will be adopted by European chains, following a successful trial period in the US.

Coconut milk is high in fibre and vitamins. Although it is lactose free, the milk source is high in saturated fat.