Getting rid of old TVs, laptops or phones? This really handy map has just made recycling so much easier 1 month ago

Getting rid of old TVs, laptops or phones? This really handy map has just made recycling so much easier

Brought to you by WEEE Ireland

Recycling your old electrical items is more important than you'd think...


The climate crisis is a big concern for all of lately and we're all wondering how we can do our part to improve the situation. There are some simple everyday changes such as recycling correctly that can make a big difference to our carbon footprint and the environment.

A nation of hoarders, we'd be very surprised if you don't have some dead batteries, old phones or end of life appliances tucked away somewhere at home.

And as it turns out, there can be some pretty serious consequences when we don't recycle these items.

Recycling your waste electronics is a simple and effective way to do your bit. That's why WEEE Ireland are running their Binning is Sinning campaign, encouraging us all to take these electrical items to a free WEEE recycling drop-off point instead of putting them in the black bin.


Binning these items is a huge waste of important resources which could be reused to make new products. When we don't recycle these items, we're wasting valuable raw materials that play a big role in the manufacturing process.

And binning these items can be pretty dangerous too! For example, waste batteries can contain energy which causes battery-related fires, while reckless dumping of e-waste can release hazardous materials that harm the environment and wildlife living around us.


As a result of lockdowns last year, Ireland was buying more electrical goods than ever, with the annual tonnage on the market rising from 15kg a head in 2016 to 21kg a head last year, according to WEEE Ireland.

This has lead to the country's e-waste recycling target for 2021 increasing to 13kg per person, to reflect yearly increases in electrical goods consumption, accelerated by Covid-19. So each and every piece of e-waste recycled matters and it's never been more important to dispose of e-waste safely and responsibly.

To help you find your nearest free e-waste recycling drop off point, WEEE Ireland have created this brilliant MAP of the various FREE recycling points across the Republic of Ireland.

So if you have any household items with a plug, battery or cable –  old washing machines, TVs, toasters and kettles, electronic tools and toys, lightbulbs, cables, IT equipment, mobile phones, remote controls, and even watches – don’t bin them, drop them to a local authority recycling centre or an electrical retailer and recycle for free.

The map will help you find your nearest recycling point for batteries, household appliances and lighting, so you can dispose of your electrical waste in a way that isn't harmful for the environment, at no extra cost to you.


You can find you nearest free WEEE recycling point here.

For more information on recycling waste electrical, visit 

Brought to you by WEEE Ireland