Five Ways to Keep Your Home Safe This Hallowe’en 7 years ago

Five Ways to Keep Your Home Safe This Hallowe’en

The spooky season is a great time of year for kids and adults alike to dress up, have fun and let their freak flags fly. But before you get caught up in the masks, monsters and general mayhem about to ensue in your home, why not take a few simple steps to make sure your house is safe and sound for you and your family. We’ve put together a quick and easy guide to take the danger out of Hallowe'en..

The big shmoke


Smoke alarms. Got one? Know if it works? If you’re not sure about the answer to either of these questions, try to avoid doing a Phoebe and a) find out if there's one in place in your home and b) whether it’s in good working order.

Phoebe - smoke alarm - friends

Bonfire night

Bonfires are inherently dangerous so our advice is to avoid taking part in these at all cost. And if you are concerned by lit fires in your area contact your local fire brigade immediately. Don't wait for a neighbour to do it!


burning fire

Flammable (or is that inflammable?) objects

If like us you've filled your home with weird and wacky Hallowe’en decorations, make sure you keep those bad boys away from all open flames. End of.



Candle in the wind

Avoid using candles and live flames in and amongst your Hallowe’en decorations. Amidst all of the games, treats and excitement, a lit flame inside a pumpkin or behind a skeleton can easily be forgotten. Where possible replace them with LED or battery operated candles. Easy breezy.

halloween candles

Alarm bells


If you’re heading out into the dark to accompany your kids on their trick-or-treating adventures, don’t forget to turn on your alarm. Now that the clocks have gone back, the sudden extra darkness creates an opportunity for burglars to get into homes more easily. Don't leave it to risk!



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