Flying Solo: Six Wonderful Things Only Single People Can Get Away With 6 years ago

Flying Solo: Six Wonderful Things Only Single People Can Get Away With

They say that happiness is being young, free and single, and we couldn't possibly agree more. 

If you’ll be celebrating Galentine's Day with your pals this weekend, why not check out a preview of How To Be Single, in cinemas this Sunday February 14th.


To celebrate the release of the movie, here are six wonderful things only single people can get away with doing.

Binge-watch old episodes of TV shows you’ve seen a million times.  

When you’re a single female, spending the majority of your weekend re-watching old Cycles of America’s Next Top Model is a guilt-free activity. And it’s fair to say that it’s a single girl’s prerogative to devote an entire Saturday afternoon to catching up with the Gilmore Girls.

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Activity 2: Dominate the entire bed.

Let’s be honest, no matter how much you love someone, sharing a bed with them is irritating. When you’re flying solo, every snuggly piece of the duvet, every cold side of the pillow, and every inch of that mattress is yours and only yours. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Activity 3: Order delivery for two just for you.


One of the many benefits of being single is not having to share food. Seriously, who actually enjoys splitting dinner with someone?

When you order a portion of chips, you can live safely in the knowledge that they’re all for you. And that last pizza slice? You know exactly who’ll be eating that.

Joey pizza

Activity 4: Only watch the shows you really like on Netflix.


A single girl is also free to watch Netflix however and whenever your heart desires. There’s no waiting around for someone to catch up on the episodes you sneakily watched while they were out, and absolutely no suffering through hours of The Walking Dead when all you really want to watch is House of Cards.

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Activity 5: Wear an animal-themed onesie for an entire weekend.

Sleeping, eating, Snapchatting, cooking. No matter what kind of important activity you’re undertaking, a ridiculous over-sized onesie is the perfect outfit for when you’re chilling out solo. And you just can’t put a price on that level of comfort.

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Activity 6: Spend as much guilt-free time with the girls as you like.

Last-minute getaways, accidental all-nighters and cheeky mid-week cocktails are what life is all about. When you're fancy-free, all of these wonderful things can be done without a second thought.

'How To Be Single' will be in cinemas nationwide on 19th February. Check out the trailer below.