Food High Five - Five Foods That Are Good For Your Hair 7 years ago

Food High Five - Five Foods That Are Good For Your Hair

Every week, for our ‘Food High Five’ series, we’re going to talk about food that has great health benefits.

This week, we're looking at foods that are good for your hair.


If you thought that getting the right shampoo and conditioner was the only thing you could to take care of your hair, think again because eating the right foods is just as important.

Salmon contains protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids which help to make your hair strong. The latter also keeps your scalp hydrated.


The vitamin E in walnuts protect against hair damage and they are also good for maintaining a healthy colour.


From protein to iron, eggs actually help to prevent hair loss so make sure to scramble or poach a few every so often.

Eggs - We included these because you can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eggs are full of protein and give you lots of energy which will inevitably make you smile.


As well as being a healthy snack, spinach is full of vitamin C which keeps hair looking healthy and shiny.


Greek Yoghurt
While this seems to be good for everything, it is especially good for your locks what with all that vitamin B5 and D.

Yoghurt Some types of yoghurts contain probiotics, which keep your tummy and digestive system clean and healthy.