Food High Five - Five Reasons Dark Chocolate Is Good For You 8 years ago

Food High Five - Five Reasons Dark Chocolate Is Good For You

Every week, for our ‘Food High Five’ series, we talk about certain foods that have great health benefits.

This week, we’re looking at dark chocolate.


Dark Chocolate, 170 calories for 28 grams Not only will it satisfy your sugar and salt cravings, dark chocolate contains compounds that slow down digestion and make you feel fuller for longer.

Good for the heart 

Studies have shown that one square of dark chocolate a day lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of both stroke and heart disease.

Boosts your mood


As well as the delicious taste, the antioxidants contained in chocolate boosts your mood, makes you more alert and keeps your brain in tip-top shape.

Helps weight loss

Due to the fact that it’s rich in flavour and full of fibre, dark chocolate keeps you feeling fuller for longer and lessens cravings for sweet, salty and fatty foods.

Soothes sore throats


If you’re not feeling the best and are suffering from a sore throat, chocolate is the way to go. Dark chocolate is known for suppressing coughs and can reduce inflammation in the throat.

Protects the skin

Contrary to popular belief, dark chocolate that is rich in flavanol is actually good for the skin. As well as reducing stress, which can affect your complexion, it apparently helps to protect against sun damage as well.