Forget motivation! Here are 6 ways to actually reach your fitness goals 3 years ago

Forget motivation! Here are 6 ways to actually reach your fitness goals

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Lifestyle change anyone?


Some of us aren't fans of the term 'New Year's resolution' here, largely because it's associated with 'zero reasoning' and 'complete failure'.


Sad times indeed. BUT, there are incredible reasons, with true meaning behind them, plus ways to reach your fitness goals, without feeling as though you're bound to be a flop. Here are realistic ideas to keep in mind:

1. Live by Mel Robbins' 5 Second Rule

Okay so you may not yet have heard of Mel Robbins, but you may be a fan of her beliefs - she believes motivation doesn't actually exist.


Basically, what she says is, you’re NEVER going to feel like doing something that’s not easy - it’s simply how our brains have developed in order to protect us. We only feel motivated to do what’s easy in life.


You’re going to get panicked and fearful when you think of climbing a tall building, doing something out of your comfort zone - it’s only natural.

Mel says that from the moment we have an idea to do something, we only have 5 seconds to take action before our brain decides ‘Nope! Let’s make it tomorrow’s problem.’

Beat your brain to the finish line and start the task RIGHT NOW.

2. See the Greatness

It’s often health statistics that lead people to want to make a change. But often, unless we’ve actually had a major health scare ourselves, have felt the pain and time wasting that illness brings, the chances are it’s unfortunately not a trigger to make us do better.


Try and truly fathom what exercise brings - increased oxygen in our blood, major mood boosting thanks to endorphins, improved skin, strong bones, boosted immune system, much better-quality sleep, lower heart rate,  brain growth, boosted focus and reduced anxiety.

Think of the ripple effect all of the above has on our life! If we want our days to be productive, happy and adventurous - get that heart rate up and start moving!

3. Find What You Enjoy


Going to the gym to run on the treadmill might not be your thing. Maybe you find it boring and it’s not giving you the push you need. Why not try rowing, boxing, spinning, an outdoor bootcamp or take up a new sport/hobby that you have to go to each week. Get creative!

4. Do SOMETHING Everyday

If you stop moving, it’s VERY hard to get going again. That energy we got the first time from breaking into a sweat has now perished, and all we want to do is sit on the couch and binge. Move everyday - whether it be a 30-minute walk, a spin class, a hike up the mountains, a stroll on the beach - just do it!


5. Do It For YOU

Loosing weight for someone else… well it tends to backfire. Plenty would say that if your partner doesn’t see how great you are just the way you are, then they’re not worth it. But an even more crucial reason to avoid doing something is if it's for societies ‘standards,’ Instagram or anyone else. Get fit for YOU, and because it will benefit YOU.

Know your worth, and know you’re a stronger, more resourceful person, with the energy and creativity you reap from exercise. This is YOUR choice and you’ll be SO glad you opted for a lively lifestyle.


6. Realise What Your Body TRULY Is

You only get one body in life - a shell that is purely there to protect you until the very end. Give it the fuel it needs to do its job - nourishing food and an adventurous, active lifestyle! It will thank you by feeling utterly fabulous, energetic, by looking stunning, and bringing out the very best of the real you!

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