Only FOUR Irish tattoo studios have been inspected in the past ten years 3 years ago

Only FOUR Irish tattoo studios have been inspected in the past ten years

Calls are being made to regulate tattoo and piercing studios in Ireland.

In shocking results by the Irish Times, it found that only four tattoo studios in the country have been inspected in the last ten years.


A decade ago, there were only 20 studios around Ireland, but that has now grown to more than 1,000 - and still with no set regulation in place.

According to Today FM, Kevin McNamara of Dublin Ink said: "All needles and equipment are single use and disposable. Any tools that need to be cleaned, they are put through an ultra-sonic machine, the ones they use in hospitals.

"If you're any way conscious of your customer's health and you own health you would welcome regulations. Tattoo studios being unregulated puts customer and artist at risk."

Meanwhile, health minister Simon Harris said that he is currently working with the government to put rules in place.

"There is no specific legislation in Ireland in relation to the regulation of tattooing and body piercing businesses. However, they are required to comply with public health as well as health and safety legislation in the same way as any other business.

"In the absence of sector specific regulation, my Department and the Health Service Executive are finalising guidelines on infection control for use by the tattooing and body piercing industry."