Four-month-old's life saved following Coronation Street's storyline 3 years ago

Four-month-old's life saved following Coronation Street's storyline

A four-month-old's life might have been saved following a Coronation Street storyline.

Mother Aoife Duffy said that when she discovered her daughter in a lot of discomfort, she made an appointment with her GP.


But then after remembering Corrie's sepsis storyline where Jack Webster recently lost a leg to sepsis, Aoife decided to go to the emergency room instead.

There, she was told her four-month-old was showing the early signs of the infectiob and that tests for meningitis would have to be undertaken.

Aoife told Belfast Live:

"We made a GP appointment, but I googled her symptoms and remembered on Coronation Street when the symptoms weren't picked up by the GP several times, so I didn't want to take any chances.

"Quite early on the doctor could see that sepsis was developing. They feared meningitis and had to test for it."

The four-month-old was showing early signs of the infectious disease, but doctors managed to get everything under control due to early intervention.


Corrie's Jack was not so lucky when he was diagnosed with sepsis last month.

The boy contracted the infection after grazing his knee while playing and was sent to school by sister Sophie who didn't think that anything was wrong.

He later had to have his foot amputated.