Four Year Old Child Expelled From School After Mother’s Facebook Rant 7 years ago

Four Year Old Child Expelled From School After Mother’s Facebook Rant

A four-year old boy has been allegedly expelled from his private pre-school in Florida after his mother posted a rant to her Facebook page insulting the school.

Ashley Habat vented her annoyance to her Facebook page complaining that the Sonshine Christian Academy didn’t give her enough notice for the school picture day. Although Ashley’s Facebook post was private, she tagged her son’s school into the post, who were then able to access the content.


Habat told WJXT-TV, Jacksonville how she was called into the school by administrators the following day to be informed she and her son were not a suitable fit for the school.

Habat’s post which caused the controversy read:

“Why is it that every single day there is something new I dislike about Will's School? Are my standards really too high or are people working in the education field really just that ignorant.”

Habat told the Huffington Post that she was issued with a letter of dismissal, which read that her “relationship with Sonshine did not get off to a very good start the first day of school," stating that she "utilized social media to call into question not only the integrity but the intelligence of our staff. ... These actions are also consistent with sowing discord, which is spoken of in the handbook you signed."

Ashley told media she was disappointed that the school took such drastic action against her son for a comment she made on her personal Facebook page.

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