Getting married? Don't rule out a Pastafarian ceremony 4 years ago

Getting married? Don't rule out a Pastafarian ceremony

Holy Macaroni.

There’s so many ways to get married nowadays – themed weddings, humanist ceremonies, a civil ceremony. The list goes on.


Not a couple to follow trends, these newlyweds were the first people to get married in a Pastafarian ceremony in New Zealand.

Pastafarians belong to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which was founded to satirize American religious fundamentalism.

Followers of this church believe a god made of spaghetti and meatballs is just as likely as other gods. According to its website, its only dogma is 'the rejection of dogma'.

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Briton Toby Ricketts and New Zealander Marianna Fenn have been together for four years and chose to tie the knot on a pirate ship. Just a casual ceremony then.

The ceremony included an exchanging of the rings - made of pasta no less - and in his vows, Ricketts promised to always add salt while boiling spaghetti.

Other details include the bride wearing a beautiful colander on her head.


The entire cost just €1,800 with the wedding feast consisting of 15kg of tomatoes from their garden, vegetarian meatballs, and plenty of pasta and bread.

I'm just wondering did they say I do... or I Dolmio. (Sorry).

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