Google has launched a new app to go head-to-head with Facetime 6 years ago

Google has launched a new app to go head-to-head with Facetime

Google has launched a new video messaging service to compete with FaceTime, Skype and all your other faves.

Dubbed Google Duo, the service gives users a quick look at who is making the call, before answering, helping people decide whether to answer or curve.


Or, you know... get presentable. This is a video call after all.

A free to download service for both Google's Android devices as well as Apple iOS, Google Duo calls are encrypted, working off your phone number to login much like Facetime.

Google Duo will be available worldwide in the new few days.


A spin off from video calls in Google Hangouts, Duo is being billed as a "simpler, more reliable way to see friends and family as you talk to them."

Google Duo will work as partner to upcoming new Google messaging app Allo. Allo's nifty trick is a robotic assistant that will suggest automated responses to texts.

More and more, Google is gifting folks new ways to curve and not properly be there in the moment. As people wedded to our keyboards, we have to admit we're rather impressed.

Google Allo


Especially by Allo's ability to allow you to auto-create photo comments. Mum send you an image of the family dog? Apparently Allo's image recognition algorithms will spot the dog and instantly come up with the name of the mutt.

Truly the future is now.