Guest adds TWENTY ONE people to a wedding RSVP and the audacity 2 years ago

Guest adds TWENTY ONE people to a wedding RSVP and the audacity

Sorry, what now?!

While a wedding is supposed to be a happy day filled with joy and laughter, they can also be quite stressful.


From organising the ceremony, the dress, the food, the flowers and the ring, there are so many things to think of.

So, imagine the absolute outrage after a bride received an RSVP card with 21 plus ones. TWENTY ONE.

The RSVP was shared on Reddit after being posted in a Facebook wedding group. It shows the names of the people who were invited as well as "14 adults + 2 more," and "3 kids + 1 more."

Yeah let me just RSVP for TWENTY ONE+ MORE PEOPLE from r/weddingshaming

Everyone on the Reddit thread was outraged by the request, and a few even thought it might be a temperamental family member:

"I would circle 'decline' and send it back," said one user.


"This reeks of a Mother-in-law that didn’t get to invite all her FRIIIEEENNNDDDSSSSS!!!!," said another.

One more comment read: "I bet it was parents/in laws who were trying to squeeze their guests in."

"This is only acceptable if they all show up in one Mini Cooper and chase each other around the reception hall with whipped cream pies and water squirting flowers. F*ckin clowns think they got jokes," wrote one more.

Imagine this happened to you?! What would you do?