Harry Potter fans *might* love this tiny room for rent in London 4 years ago

Harry Potter fans *might* love this tiny room for rent in London

This is a contender for the smallest rental on the market.

We knew the rental market in London was tough but we didn’t think it could get this bad.

A space shared on Gumtree is gaining a lot of attention for its obvious similarities to the hole Harry Potter was forced to inhabit under the control of the Dursleys.

Unlike Harry, the renter of this room is probably not going to be in receipt of a letter unlocking a magical kingdom.

The space is literally described as a cupboard under the stairs in the Seven Sisters Warehouse in London. The warehouse itself seems to be a deadly spot, and by the looks of other ads on Gumtree, is a place full of studios and artsy types.

Priced at £350 per month, the poster says the room is generally used for a few months by people who want to save up for a bigger room or to go off travelling.

Luckily, you aren’t expected to spend all your time in the cupboard.

“There’s a nice living space where you can always find someone to talk about everything and not lock yourself in the room” states the ad.

And, if you’re sound enough, you might find yourself with some new pals.

The ad continues:

“The gang is formed of 8 other people each one funnier and friendly than the other. It’s a mix of different nationalities. Everyone is into different activities like musicians, Art Students, bartenders etc.

“We organise parties a couple times a year but we often (almost every weekend) go out together, so be prepared for some new friendships (a lot). On top of that, the area has a vibrant young artistic community in which, we know a lot of people. Lots of parties in the area, lots of gatherings, indoor and outdoor.”



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We're good staying put thanks.