Her Hero Of The Week... 8 years ago

Her Hero Of The Week...

Ever wondered where all the good men are gone? Or where are all the gods? So have we.

It’s that time of the week again, ladies…


This week’s #HerHeroOfTheWeek was sent into us all the way from Australia.

Catherine O'Mahony moved to the land down under back in 2012 and got in touch this week to nominate her younger sister, Ellen and friend Carla.

Up until two years ago Catherine had never heard her 16-year-old sister sing and was bowled over when the girls posted a song they had penned together onto YouTube. With the success of the video the two Meath teenagers now have released their very own EP on iTunes.

"She was always a talented pianist, guitarist and had taught herself ukulele. Then herself and her friend Carla began recording themselves singing cover versions and putting them on YouTube - to say we were surprised was an understatement," Catherine writes.


"One day saw they had put up a video of an original song, Dreamer. I sat in Melbourne bawling my eyes out and bursting with pride - the video has now got thousands of views and now Ellen and Carla have their debut EP."


The girls' EP, Floods, features four original tracks and can be purchased here for €4.

Over on their YouTube account Ellen and Carla perform some amazing covers however it was their track, Dreamers, that had Catherine overwhelmed with emotion.



For more info you can follow the girls here on Twitter.


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