Her Say | "The Bionic Woman" 3 years ago

Her Say | "The Bionic Woman"

We are constantly astounded by the strength and resilience of Irish women. In this new series, we have committed to finding the most inspirational women of Ireland and giving them a say on the most relevant contemporary social issues.

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*Some viewers may find this content upsetting


“We all have our goals and our dreams”.

Our recent A Slice of Ireland survey revealed that 40% of those surveyed were dissatisfied with their body image so when we heard about Niamh O’ Donoghue, we we’re enthralled by her positive body image.

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When Niamh shares her thoughts on body acceptance it’s hard to believe the student is only 21.

At 13 she was diagnosed with acute idiopathic scoliosis and has since gone through 4 major operations; one of which left her temporarily paralyzed, and more recently one that has left her unable to bend forward, backwards, left, or right.

However, undeterred by the looks that often befall her, Niamh has decided to place herself in the limelight and make videos offering fellow sufferers advice on everything from what to eat before a surgery to post recovery exercises.

You can see her videos HERE.