Here's 5 simple ways to throw an ADULT Easter egg hunt 4 years ago

Here's 5 simple ways to throw an ADULT Easter egg hunt

We're on a mission to take back Easter.

Easter is an odd holiday, for some families it's as big as Christmas, for others it goes by without so much as a Creme Egg. Easter Egg hunts are all the rage and it's incredibly cute and fun for kids... but what about us grown-ups? How can we mark the occasion?


If you want to throw an Easter Egg Hunt with an age appropriate twist here's our top 5 tips,

  • Plastic eggs. Our first two tips can apply to any Easter egg hunt really... but we have to get the basics out of the way. You can get these adorable eggs for €1.50 in Dealz, they're perfect for the clue portion of the hunt or even filling with sneaky trinkets, you get 18 in each pack which is a ridiculous bargain, we think we're just going to get them anyway because you NEVER KNOW.


  • Cute baskets. We may be all grown up, but we still need to collect our eggs and prizes, these ADORABLE woven baskets are a bargain... again Dealz has us covered with these at only €1.50

  • Prizes. Let's be honest trying to entertain a group of adults is tough enough... prizes are crucial. To age everything up a bit instead of gifting your guests with sweets, how about some miniature bottles of alcohol, or some lottery tickets (you could be giving away MILLIONS), grown-ups always appreciate unicorn make-up brushes, nail varnish and sex toys...just saying. The top prize could be as simple as a Penneys voucher and you KNOW everyone would love that.





  • The food. After all the hunting is done the guests will be pretty hungry, the spread is important because you still want it to be Easter related but you don't have to go overboard with the colours. Seriously impress your guests with these Shredded Wheat Nests, a spin on the traditional cornflake cakes and they'll only take around 30 minutes to make. You can't go wrong with a good old fashion cheese board, and it's VERY grown up. Aldi can sort you out for all your cheese needs without breaking the bank.


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  • Costumes. Easter bunny ears are adorable on children but we can also rock a costume with the best of them. Give your guests the option of dressing up and remind them that no kids will be at the party. You can imagine how this will turn out. The Costume Shop has good options for kids and adults. Unfortunately, we can't help you if someone turns up in this costume, perhaps re-evaluate the guest list.



Have a happy grown up Easter from all of us!