This is the one thing that makes someone fall hard for you 6 years ago

This is the one thing that makes someone fall hard for you

We’re always told to be ourselves when looking for love, but it’s safe to say we can sometimes present a completely different version of ourselves to the outside world.

If you suffer from extreme competitiveness, have a strange fear of clowns or a certified clean-freak, it’s actually these qualities that are more likely to have someone fall hook, line and sinker for your charm


Don’t believe us?

A report published in the Scientific American reported that both men and women prefer to date non-conformist people.

The study, conducted under the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, found that people had more trust and felt genuine closeness to people whose clothes, opinions and life decisions differ from the ‘norm’.


As well as being identified as more confident, self-assured and comfortable in themselves, people credit those who embrace their quirks as more trustworthy and engaging…

Which are all the characteristics of someone you’d be looking for in a mutually satisfying relationship.

Speaking about the results, lead author of the study and social psychologist at the University of Queensland in Australia Matthew Hornsey said:

“The old-fashioned gender stereotype — that men go for conformist, submissive women — has been slow to die. I’m intrigued by the notion of the ‘girls’ night out’ and how many women feel as though they can be more unguarded without men around — more relaxed, more crass, more honest, more funny. And I keep thinking, ‘Why are you keeping this good stuff to yourselves? Men would love it!’”


So next time you’re on a night out or swiping right on Tinder, science is imploring you to release your inner wild child.

Besides, finding someone who sees your ‘flaws’ as an added bonus tends to help carve a lasting relationship.