Hope Lee Becomes Britain's Youngest Organ Donor 6 years ago

Hope Lee Becomes Britain's Youngest Organ Donor

Baby Hope’s parents Emma and Drew Lee knew their daughter would die soon after she was born. Her parents were devastated to discover during a can that she had Anencephaly, a condition that prevents the baby’s head from growing fully.

Emma and Drew bravely decided not to terminate the pregnancy, instead carrying Hope to full term and deciding to register her as an organ donor. They were inspired by the story of Teddy Houlston who had the same condition and lived for only 100 minutes.


Emma spoke to the Daily Mirror saying; “When we found out Hope wouldn’t survive, knowing Teddy’s story made me confident doctors could do the same thing.

Today she is still living on inside someone else and it helps with the grief, it’s taken some of the pain away”.

Father Drew said; "Watching Hope being born was great but heartbreaking at the same time because I knew she wouldn't survive.

"She only lived for 74 minutes but she has achieved more than some people do in a lifetime. We feel our little girl is a hero."