We're majorly crushing on Ikea's Christmas 2017 collection 2 years ago

We're majorly crushing on Ikea's Christmas 2017 collection

Maybe it is the Scandinavian (and general lover of all things Christmas related) in me, but few things can make my heart flutter like the yearly Ikea Christmas collection.

Last year's holiday-themed decor was nothing short of perfection, and so you can imagine our excitement at getting a little sneak preview of what the Swedish furntiure giant has in store for us this upcoming festive season.

And having had a look, let us tell you this much: Your Christmas is about to get a lot more chic. Think lovely muted tones of white and grey, less tinsel and glitter.

Where last year's holiday collection was colourful and cozy, for 2017, Ikea has gone down a much more sleek and pared back route, with cooler colours and a more minimal look.

Baking gingerbreak cookies is part and parcel of Christmas in Scandinavia, and so naturally Ikea are honoring their roots with these cute and quirky cookie cutters as part of their festive collection.

Equally; you cannot celebrate the holidays without having friends and neighbours over for mulled wine in Scandinavia – and this stoneware is pretty much the perfect thing for serving this cozy drink up in, we think.

Being a lover of sleek, Scandi interiors, I love the pared back styling of this year's Christmas collection.

Oh, and as for your actual tree? White, white, white – with a dash of grey there too. Oh, Ikea, you do know the way to our hearts.

The Ikea Christmas collection will hit stores in a couple of weeks, so be prepared to want to sneak-start the holidays season real soon.