This ingenious hack to clean your washing machine is an absolute game changer 9 months ago

This ingenious hack to clean your washing machine is an absolute game changer

The fact that we have to clean something that's meant to clean sucks, we know this.

There is nothing worse than a dirty washing machine, in fact I think one of the worst things I found out as an adult was that washing machines also need a clean sometimes or else your coshes won't be looking so fresh!


I still don't think I'm over that revelation to be honest.

If I've sparked your interest then you need to know about this one cleaning hack that an Australian mom posted to social media, it's revolutionary and it involves using something you probably already have in the house.

The whole process is quite simple actually, all this mom does is put a dishwasher table in the washing machine drum, turns the washing machine on to a hot cycle and then lets the machine do its thing.

After the cycle is finished all the dirty water is drained out and you are left with a sparkling drum ready to do its next job!

The hack was posted on Facebook group called Mums who Clean, and it has since gone viral because, well, it's genius.

How did we not think of this before, it's like washing machines helping out other washing machines! We love to see it!


Basically, when you put the dishwashing tablet into the drum and turn the cycle, the tablet does its usual job and pulls all the dirt and grease from inside which in turn leads to cleaner clothes.

When you watch the whole thing in action through your little window you'll see the whole drum fill up with dirty water which is not the prettiest part but think of the fresh white clothes that will be look crisp after this hack.

You're welcome.