Instagramxiety is the new 'thing' we should all be worried about 3 years ago

Instagramxiety is the new 'thing' we should all be worried about

It's a weird one.

The majority of us put pictures up on Instagram when we're happy. When we're with friends. When we're eating. Or simply just because we look #fit.


So, why do we feel bad about ourselves when other people decide to do the same?

Instagramxiety is the new form of anxiety we're all apparently getting from Instagram... which is leaving people stressed and overwhelmed by seeing images of other people having a good time.

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And we get it can be frustrating. In a world of heavy photoshopping and filters, it seems like nothing online can be real anymore.

However, Instagram seem to want to tackle the problem ASAP as a 'well-being team' is already in the works.

“Making the community a safer place, a place where people feel good, is a huge priority for Instagram,” said chief executive of the networking site, Eva Chen.


Jenny Stallard wrote in The Telegraph that we need to be more selective with who we follow online.

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“It’s not so much about stopping looking at the app, but being more selective about whose feeds you see, I’ve found, since unfollowing some people whose accounts really made me feel negative (often through no fault of their own).

“If I decide to, I can always follow them again. But I suspect life will be simpler without the effects that comparing myself to their accounts has on my emotional wellbeing," she said.


What do you think? Do you get Instagram anxiety?