Interior Motives: Our new interior series has launched and just wait until you see what we have in store 3 months ago

Interior Motives: Our new interior series has launched and just wait until you see what we have in store

"It's very NYC but yet it's here in Dublin."

If you, like me, enjoy having a little snoop in people's houses to see what they've done with the place, you are going to love our new series.

Interior Motives is the latest IGTV series from Her that's not just going to entertain you, it's going to inspire you too.

I was so excited to work on this series because as much as I love watching Insta stories about renovations in people's houses, I always want to know more. This series does just that: we find out everything about a room and the stories behind the design.

It's a real behind the scenes look. An Interior Motive, if you will.

Interior Motives follows some well known Irish faces who have recently done up parts of their houses or apartments. We talk to them about their favourite room in the house, their favourite pieces in the room and what inspired them to style their place the way they did.

If you have an Instagram account you will have noticed that a lot of influencers have been doing up their houses or apartments... and their style is impeccable!

First up we have content creator Anouska Proetta Brandon who lives in a mezzanine style apartment in Dublin. She calls the apartment "dinky" but we have to say she has made great use of the space with loads of plants and a stunning clean white finish throughout.

Her apartment is basically one room with a bedroom upstairs on a balcony. It's very NYC. In fact,it looks like it's straight out of a magazine.

Anouska has filled the place with greenery, she says she has "about 23 plants and counting" and she's styled them around the room beside some of her stunning artwork throughout the apartment.

Her favourite place in the house is the kitchen, "because I love how much space we have to put our art and our plants".

Anouska and her boyfriend are an uber cool couple whose love story is honestly like something from a cute romcom. They even do art together in the kitchen/living room during their spare time.

And yes, that might be the cutest thing I've ever heard.

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