PIC: People are gushing over this fake image of Ireland 4 years ago

PIC: People are gushing over this fake image of Ireland

With the weather we had this weekend it seemed like no surprise that NASA could capture the country at its finest.

An image surfaced online of Ireland, taken from space, and people have been sharing it and agreeing its possibly the best one we've seen yet.

Wild Derrynane shared the image saying that it came from NASA. Now, we're all for a great image of Ireland but we got a little suspicious when we saw the image.

There's no denying that it's a lovely photo of Ireland but it looks a lot greener than we would have thought and there's a clear lack of buildings. Furthermore, there is no sign of this image on any of NASA's social profiles or on the website.

So we've done some digging around and we've found the exact image, not on NASA but on Shutterstock. Along with the image it says it's a, "Highly detailed fragments of the planet Earth with exaggerated relief, translucent ocean and clouds, illuminated by the morning sun. Ireland and UK. Elements of this image furnished by NASA."

While 'elements' of the image have come from NASA, the rest of it has been 'exaggerated' for the purpose of the photo.