Irish artists' poignant work at auction for Dublin Rape Crisis Centre 8 months ago

Irish artists' poignant work at auction for Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

Some stunning pieces here.

A selection of Irish artists have contributed their work to an auction for the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

Joe Caslin, Conor Merriman, Fatti Burke and Jacky Sheridan have provided a series of prints to the charity's new exhibition, which was first displayed during their annual conference last week. 

All proceeds raised from the auction will go directly towards the DRCC's services, funding their vital support network and training initiatives.

Included in the exhibition are poignant pieces called 'Reflection,' 'Not Broken,' 'Hope Is Up Ahead,' and 'I Couldn't Say No.'

Bidding starts at at €150.00. Bids will be taken online until Thursday, November 21.

Last week's conference in Dublin's RCSI marked 40 years since the opening of the DRCC.

The charity's CEO Noeline Blackwell said that the conference marked a celebration, but noted that there is still a long way to go to eradicate sexual violence.

Positive changes to Irish society (such as the Domestic Violence Act and the decriminalisation of abortion) were noted at the conference, however the prevalence of social media and easy access to pornography were mentioned as contributing factors to continued sexual violence.

"The world has changed, but our up to date information is poor," said Blackwell.

“Young people have an ignorance of sex and healthy sexual relationships that predates the internet and has some relevance for all generations of Irish people.

"Young people need to understand that sexual activity must be consensual (...) Why is it that we still blame the victim?"

You can read more about the DRCC's 40th anniversary conference here and here. 

You can check out the pieces available for auction here.