An Irish motorist was caught rotten by Gardaí with the worst doctored tax disc 5 years ago

An Irish motorist was caught rotten by Gardaí with the worst doctored tax disc

And they would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those pesky Gardaí.

Irish people have something of a reputation for chancing their arm when the opportunity arises – most notably in the political arena – but the key thing to remember when doing so is to know where the line is and when not to cross it.


One motorist in Galway quite literally crossed a line over the weekend when they were accosted for Gardaí for having attempted to fraudulently doctor their tax disc in a manner that looks quite subtle from a distance, but on closer inspection is a dead giveaway.

Although the numbers 3 and 6 lend themselves quite easily to be turned into a number 8, the motorist in question made a couple of serious errors when performing the fraudulent tax renewal.


For a start, motorists can’t tax their vehicle for more than a 12-month period, so eyebrows must have been raised by the attending Garda/Gardaí when they saw a date (08-18) 17 months into the future.

Secondly, the motorist forgot to change the year 2016 on the date printed in smaller text below and in larger text above the month and year, another dead giveaway.

And if all that wasn’t enough, they were stopped by Gardaí in the first place for holding their mobile phone while driving.


A court date awaits but somehow we reckon this motorist won’t be getting behind a wheel, or doctoring any more tax discs, for quite some time yet.