Irregular Menstrual Cycle? It Could Be Down To This 7 years ago

Irregular Menstrual Cycle? It Could Be Down To This

Our schedules are busier than ever and it can be a little difficult to try and fit everything in.

If you're trying to squeeze the gym in before/after work, sometimes we neglect eating the right foods pre and post workout.


However, it's essential that you intake enough food as otherwise you might be at risk of female athlete triad syndrome.


United States media organisation, NPR reports that women who exercise regularly but don't consume enough calories for their workouts might suffer from this syndrome.

Symptoms include low bone density, irregular menstrual cycles, and a lack of energy.


Chief of women's sports medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Dr Elizabeth Matzkin, said that physicians don't always diagnose the syndrome so it's important to be aware of its existence.

It's essential to eat enough to fuel your workout

Dr Matzkin also said that women who follow rigorous training programmes may need up to 3,500 calories per day anyone but this can feel like too much food for those watching their weight.

The physician also stressed that it's especially important for young women to be aware of the damage that can be done to bones as females "can only really build it [bone density] up to about age 25".

"If you can start at a higher level, then you're going to do better" said the sports medicine expert.


H/T Cosmopolitan via NPR