Is This Fur Real? Australian Family Include Cat in Home Sale to Net an Extra $140k 8 years ago

Is This Fur Real? Australian Family Include Cat in Home Sale to Net an Extra $140k

The housing market is tough at the best of times, but one Australian family have really given buyers and sellers everywhere paws for thought by including their pet of four years in a home sale. The Percevals offered their five-bedroom home, in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Iris to the market last weekend.Bidding on the property reached a bidding high of $AU2.06m, before one bidder upped the stakes to $2.2m if the owner's cat, Tiffany, was included.Fran Perceval told local news outlets that  Tiffany had proved very popular with many potential buyers who came to view the house, saying: "We jokingly said all the people coming through are loving her.""We said to the agent, 'She goes with the house, hahaha' not expecting at all to actually have a clause written into the contract saying it includes the cat."Speaking to Channel Nine, the Perceval's agent Glen Coutinho said: "I've had plenty of people say they'll throw in their partners but not pets. It's a first."

The Percevals are having some difficulty explaining the decision to their son, Sam, who adopted Tiffany four years ago. Sam plans to travel next year so his parents said:

“We’re thinking we’ll put $20,000 in a pile next to the cat and say to Sam: you choose.”

Mrs Perceval added that the family would be sad to say goodbye to Tiffany, saying: “We’re an animal-friendly family ... She’s a bit of a princess. She’s beautiful to look at.”

“It is quite difficult to part with her.”