Having this job means you're the most likely to get divorced 5 years ago

Having this job means you're the most likely to get divorced

Not exactly our first guess, but okay.

When you think of divorce, what comes to mind?


Unhappiness? Anger? Upset? Those rich people in romcoms who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on top lawyers to ensure that they get the best deal out of their split? Broken lives?

Yeah, same really.

However, as it turns out, those rich people with the giant bank accounts arent actually an accurate representation of the majority of people who are getting divorced these days.

Nope, they're actually pretty far down the list.


.... In America anyway.

According to research conducted by the Insititute for Family Studies, the occupation with the highest divorce rate is that of a gaming manager.

Their data shows that the gaming manager occupation has an incredible 52.9 percent divorce rate.


Compare that to surgeons and physicians who had a 21.8 divorce rate and the difference really is quite something.

Following gaming managers for the highest rates were bartenders, flight attendants, and game service workers.

So just what is it about the gambling industry that makes people want to end their marriages?


The study's researchers claimed that the high divorce rates are less to do with lower income jobs and more about a lack of job security.

They said:

"One question that does not command enough attention is why the correlation between relationship stability and employment prospects is so strong.

"We suspect that employment instability, as opposed to low income per se, may be part of the explanation."

They also said that being married to somebody who regularly "... runs up the credit card bills, incurs large health care expenses, or needs to be bailed out of jail" can, understandably, put a strain on the relationship.

As well as this, people in these jobs are generally less likely to get married as it is.


However, when they do there's at least a 50 percent chance of that marriage breaking down.