Juju the cat was born with no elbows and she's the most precious little thing 2 years ago

Juju the cat was born with no elbows and she's the most precious little thing

Just look at the little cutie.

When cats are born with deformities, a lot of them are euthanised. It's a sad turn of events, however a family in California decided to take on Juju, the cat that was born with no elbows.


Karen Gorne adopted Juju and her sister Jilly when they were just kittens. However, Karen said that just because she has a deformity doesn't mean she isn't bouncing around like a happy cat.

Juju the T-Rex cat. See SWNS story SWNYcat; A determined cat makes its way around the house on hind legs ?like a T-rex? because it was born without elbow joints. Juju, one, can?t prance around on her front legs like an average cat as as her limbs are permanently bent and her bones are fused where her elbows should be. Juju?s owner Karen Gorne, 51, adopted the kitten and her sister Jilly in March after they had been surrendered to River-Oak Veterinary Hospital, in Riverbank, California. Karen, an office manager, and her husband Tim, 53, a business owner, say indoor cat Juju?s disability doesn?t hold her back from jumping and climbing around their home in Salida, California. Karen said Juju was born with exceptionally large back feet, and she has developed her own unique way to get around which she likened to a ?T-rex?.

"She walks hunched over or like a T-rex," Karen told the Metro.

"She also has giant back feet, that look like rabbit feet, which allows her to jump very high and balance herself. It means she is strictly an indoor cat because she could never protect herself outside. Having no elbow joints means that her front arms are permanently bent."

The 51-year-old said that she has a soft spot for disabled animals, and also owns a one-eyed dog called Duncan.

"I have a soft spot when it comes to helping disabled pets. They just kind of find me…people know that I take in disabled animals, so they bring them to me. I always say ‘I’m just going to foster this one’ and then they end up staying'."

Picture: Karen Gorne / SWNS