Wow! We NEED to visit the most-Googled destination of 2018 2 years ago

Wow! We NEED to visit the most-Googled destination of 2018

EVERYBODY wants to go there.

The most-Googled destination of 2018 has been revealed and it is seriously stunning.

Kauai, Hawaii is currently the top spot and going by the amount of recent online searches, it's about to get an influx of visitors.

Travel and Leisure found that there's a major spike in searching holiday getaways online during early May.

It makes sense then that from this date, prices tend to rise and before you know it, the dates you want are no longer available.

In case you're wondering why Kauai is such a major attraction right now, apart from the lush greenery and stunning beaches that is, we've conducted a little research.

The breath-taking cliffs and views have featured in many a blockbuster movie so it's a definite must for any film buff and if you appreciate stunning scenery, it would be the holiday of a lifetime.

Snorkelling, hiking and other activities are also available but it's also the least touristy of the Hawaiian islands (for now at least) and has been described as an oasis of relaxation.

The top five destinations cited by the travel publication included two more Hawaii picks (Kona and Kahului, clearly the place to be this year as well as Rhode Island and Sante Fe, New Mexico,