"Justin Bieber: I'm Gay!" So This Happened On Twitter... 10 years ago

"Justin Bieber: I'm Gay!" So This Happened On Twitter...

They’ve taken on the Twitter accounts of the Associated Press and the BBC however their most recent target was a little bit strange.

The collective known as the Syrian Electronic Army threw authorities a major curveball last night when they decided to hack into the Twitter account of E! Online.


The group sent out a series of fake tweets about Justin Bieber, causing hundreds of his fans to go into a major panic.

The fake tweets started with an “exclusive” that stated Justin was coming out. It was followed up by another “exclusive” that said Selena Gomez, his on/off girlfriend, was fully supporting him as he admitted the truth.

And Justin wasn’t the only celeb who was bashed. Angelina Jolie also got a shout out before the attack ended.


E! was eventually able to regain control of their account and immediately told their followers just what had happened:

“Our account @eonline has been compromised and some incorrect information was sent out. We’re working with Twitter now to fix this,” they tweeted from the E! News account.

It goes without saying that the attack enraged all the Beliebers out there and it wasn’t long before ‘#gay’ and ‘#justinbieber’ started trending.

“Bieber fans can bring down the whole US government and financial system if they want to,” mused the online hacktivism group Anonymous.


Justin has yet to comment on the fake tweets

In recent weeks, the Syrian Electronic Army has made international headlines due to the fact that it has successful managed to compromise the accounts of some major media outlets. CBS News, the LA Times and the BBC have all been targeted by the group.

They are the same group who is responsible for the recent attack on the Associated Press twitter account. The group tweeted from the account that the President of the United States was injured during an attack on the White House.


“Breaking: Two explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured,” the group tweeted under the guise of the Associated Press.

The Associated Press was forced to close their account immediately.