If you keep your bras in a drawer here's why you might want to stop 1 year ago

If you keep your bras in a drawer here's why you might want to stop


If you, like most people on this precious earth, keep your bras in a drawer when you're not wearing them, you might actually want to stop doing that.

No, not because you're taking up valuable sock room or because you'll forget about the ones down the back, but because apparently, the bras will start to smell.


According to Good Housekeeping, keeping your bras tucked away in a drawer causes sweat and dust to "fester," eventually leading to skin irritation or, even worse, odour.

Bras need to breathe after you wear them so instead of putting them away in a drawer, it's better to hang them up somewhere.

The guys over there suggest using a hanger or even leaving them out flat so all the sweat doesn't get trapped in there.

Just don't hang them by their straps though because that'll cause the fabric to stretch.

So much bra etiquette we had never even considered.

Good Housekeeping also suggests rotating the bras you wear every couple of weeks to get more use of them.

Most people have about two bras they were on and off and a load more they never go near in their drawer.

To get the most use out of a bra, giving it a break from your boobs every now and then definitely isn't a bad idea.

Those lads are expensive, after all.