This kid gives the best motivational talk you'll ever hear 7 years ago

This kid gives the best motivational talk you'll ever hear

It's a Bank Holiday Monday, you're feeling groggy.



You're probably just not feeling it today.

So here, have a pick-me-up from personal trainer Demarjay Smith. This'll get you feeling pumped for today.

"Either you work hard for it, or you don’t work hard for it. Well, me and my brother, we work hard for our stuff. It don’t come easy. In life, you have to work. Either you want to be the shark of the ocean or the fish of the ocean…strength, no weakness!"

At nine years of age, Jamaican born Demarjay is possibly the youngest (and most dedicated) personal trainer we've ever seen.


Living in The Bronx with his father, Demarjay spends his time going to school and motivating his neighbours to be fit and healthy. Making videos under the name "Jamaican Trainer", Demarjay is now something of a viral sensation, thanks to his motivational speeches and workout routines.

He's got better push-up form than us and all.

Demarjay's videos have proved such an inspiration that earlier this year, the young trainer was got invited onto 'The Ellen Show' for a talk about how he stays uplifted and motivated.


"I love to exercise because certain people, they judge you by your height and your weight,” Demarjay told Ellen’s Good News.

"I had a cousin who people were bullying about size and weight, so that’s why I got into exercise – so nobody can judge you."

Such is Demarjay's zest for life, he even challenged Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt to a race when he was on the show.

Cheers Demarjay, you've got us feeling better about Mondays already.