Kittens Sold On Facebook As ‘Live Bait’ For Fighting Dogs 6 years ago

Kittens Sold On Facebook As ‘Live Bait’ For Fighting Dogs

The RSPCA are now starting to track Facebook sellers who advertised kittens as “live bait” for fighting dogs.

According to The Telegraph, accounts were set up using women’s names to avoid suspicion, with links back to Gumtree or private websites to complete the transactions.


Images posted to Facebook showed a dog holding a cat’s head in its mouth captioned "Got some now, anyone want to put a bet on who wins?" , while another post featured a box of kittens with the slogan: "Will have a litter ready for Christmas (dog bait)."


Image: The Telegraph/ Facebook

The sellers, believed to be based in the Liverpool area, are now being investigated and tracked by the RSPCA following a series of complaints about kittens being sold and animal cruelty were reported by Facebook users.


A spokesperson for the animal charity said:

“The RSPCA can confirm that it has received complaints about kittens being sold for dog bait in the Liverpool area and will be investigating.

"Any reports of animals being used to attack other animals are extremely disturbing and anyone with information should contact us."

A second animal sanctuary – Rescue Me – claimed that people grew suspicious of those who were looking to buy entire litters of kittens, as these were likely being sold into the trade.


Images: The Telegraph