Landlord finds 10,000 beer cans thrown in a room after renters moved out 3 years ago

Landlord finds 10,000 beer cans thrown in a room after renters moved out

This looks awful.

We often hear about shabby conditions in rented houses - especially student accommodation.


However, these pictures show the other side of things, where a landlord was left to clean around 10,000 beer cans that were thrown across a room in his north Dublin home.

After the landlord spoke on Joe Duffy's show on RTÉ Radio One, the Herald obtained the images of the dirty scene.

And lads, the absolute state of the place.

more cans

The cans covered the entire bed, as well as much of the floor, with Independent councillor, Mannix Flynn, saying that some people have no respect for the house they're living in.

"A lot of people have no respect for the properties they rent and leave them in appalling conditions for their landlord to foot the bill," he told the Herald.

"Landlords don't have a voice, but we really need to hear the other side of the situation.

"They're often afraid to speak out because of the backlash they could receive. Dublin City Council also spends millions a year refurbishing properties damaged by tenants.

Cans horror

"It's not just people on the dole, it's often people with high-powered jobs."

Meanwhile, Green Party councillor, Ciaran Cuffe, said that the renting market needs to grow up.

"I do occasionally hear of rental accommodations being left in atrocious conditions, but also hear of awful conditions of some places being rented.

"I think we need a mature rental market.

"This will mean less cowboys and Indians on the landlords' side of things, but also on the tenants'."

Have you ever seen a house left as bad as this?

Images: The Herald