Lesbian couple told to stop kissing in public 6 years ago

Lesbian couple told to stop kissing in public

Despite it being 2017, the hatred in the world continues to grow.

With the new installation of Donald Trump as President, it's understandable why many people of the LGBTQ community are afraid of the years ahead.


Homophobia, racism and sexism seems to be on the rise which can prove scary for any minority and this incident happening in a Morrison's cafe in the UK only seems to prove that.

According to METROone young lesbian couple in Manchester were showing a public display of affection when the shop's security guard started shouting at them.

Chloe Arrandale and her girlfriend Louise Taylor were swore at by a security guard

"It is 2017 but still we get insults launched at us like this. Me and my girlfriend are not the first, only last week the same thing happened in Bolton. This needs to change.

"The security guard sat opposite me and Louise to eat his tea. Me and her were having a little date after college and were minding our own business. I started to feel really crap as I am ill and not feeling great so she came over and sat next to me, put her arm around me and gave me a kiss. It wasn't a really long, sloppy snog, it was a prolonged peck.

"Granted, I had given her a few little pecks across the table throughout the meal but this guy had only seen that one. He then got up after staring at us for a bit, went off and then came back. He approached our table and started shouting at us, I couldn't understand him very well but what I did hear was "It is disgusting" and "You're putting people of their food" and "You should go outside if you want to act like that" but with a lot more swear words. He then sat back down and continued eating. We promptly left, I was extremely upset, shocked and angry at what just happened.

"My girlfriend was too shocked until we sat down to be able to feel anything. I understand that it may have made him or someone else uncomfortable to watch us kiss, whether that's for homophobic reasons or not, but all he had to do was come over and ask us politely to stop. We would have completely understood and backed off. There was no need for those hurtful, bigoted comments.

"Morrison's café is usually one of my most favourite places to go, but that man went well over board and ruined the lovely date we were having.
I want to thank everyone who is commenting and sticking up for me and my girlfriend, it is so lovely to see how much support we are getting. It is lovely to see that although there are people out there like him, there are 10 others that are supportive and kind."