LOL, TYT, ROFL… How About YKWRGMG? 8 years ago


We like to think we’re pretty quick with the social media slang bandied about online nowadays. From brb, ttyl and OMG, it’d be easy to think you knew it all.

Until now.


The FBI are now expanding their reach for tracking down criminals, and in a bid to stay one step ahead of the curve, they’ve started keeping tabs on social media acronyms.

Following a Freedom of Information Request by an online user MuckRock, the full list of their collected terms has been published, in a document the FBI titled ‘Twitter Shorthand’.

The full list includes everything from 'DILLIGAD: Does it look like I give a damn? to 'WAPCE: Women are pure concentrated evil'

We can’t see these making it into our text talk anytime soon, but it’s kind of interesting to think of mob bosses throwing these around:

  • AYFKMWTS: Aare you f—— kidding me with this s—?'
  • 'KMT: Kiss my teeth'
  • 'PMIGBOM: Put mind in gear before opening mouth'
  • 'BTWITIAILWY: By the way, I think I am in love with you'
  • 'PMFJIB: Pardon me for jumping in, but '
  • 'DITYID: Did I tell you I’m depressed?'
  • 'NOOB or n00b: newbie (usually derogatory)'
  • 'NFN: Normal for Norfolk (originally a derogatory term used by medical doctors in Norfolk and Norwich hospital in UK for intellectually challenged patients. Now may also mean something more endearing-like quaint) '
  • 'KIRF: Keeping it real fake'
  • 'JCAT: Category J mentally unstable person'
  • 'BFFLTDDUP: Best friends for life until death do us part'
  • 'BOGSAT: Bunch of guys sitting around talking'
  • 'BTDTGTTSAWIO: Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and wore it out'
  • 'DILLIGAD: Does it look like I give a damn?'
  • 'E2EG: Ear-to-ear grin '
  • 'GIWIST: Gee, I wish I said that'
  • 'HCDAJFU: He could do a job for us'
  • 'IAWTCSM: I agree with this comment so much'
  • 'IITYWIMWYBMAD: If I tell you what it means will you buy me a drink?'
  • 'LLTA: Lots and lots of thunderous applause'
  • 'NIFOC: Naked in front of computer'
  • 'PMYMHMMFSWGAD: Pardon me, you must have mistaken me for someone who gives a damn'
  • 'SOMSW: Someone over my shoulder watching'
  • 'YKWRGMG: You know what really grinds my gears?'
  • 'WAPCE: Women are pure concentrated evil'

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